This weekend was pretty awesome but it's late and I should be in bed, so here's the 2 minute rundown.

Play-date on Saturday - met 2 families from the neighborhood, 4 kids came and it was a blast. Spoke French with a couple from Africa who had also spent time in France. Speaking French felt good. Among other things they import coffee, and later brought us a packet - I savored some delicious coffee most of today :)

After the play-date father-in-law came by to help fix the garbage disposal, which he did in a snap, and we talked about genealogy for a couple of hours. Later watched Mr Bean's Holiday - light entertainment, quite funny.

This morning mother-in-law called needing help, so without wasting a second we piled into the car and were there 45 minutes later, after stopping to pick up lunch on the way. Boxes got moved. Found out she started smoking again. Was friendly and listened and avoided argument/contradiction. All went well and 3 hours later we headed home.

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