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I just punched my url into the free meta tag analyzer at submitexpress.com. Meta tags help search engines properly categorize and rank websites, hence the importance of a well optimized site.

Here are the things about my blog submitexpress thinks need improving:

Meta tags analysis.
Description: Found no description meta tag.
The description meta tag is used by most of the search engines. Consider to add a description meta tag.

Keywords: Found no keywords meta tag.
The keyword meta tag is still used by many search engines. Consider to add a keyword meta tag.

Robots: Found no robots meta tag.
This tag is not really required but helps spiders to index the web page.

Author: Found no author meta tag.
This tag is not really required but helps for your (company) name recognizing.

Web page analysis.
This page contains too many URLs.
This tag contains 208 urls. Some Search Engines have problems with more than 100 urls on a page.

The size of the web page is to big.
The size of the web page is 82703 bytes.

There are several lists of keywords found, the most interesting of which is Keywords found on page (by times found and density). Here are the top ones for http://e-kettle.blogspot.com:

get - 130 - 2.73%
data - 102 - 2.14%
widget - 99 - 2.08%
blog - 74 - 1.55%
title - 67 - 1.41%
age - 56 - 1.17%
content - 48 - 1.01%
div - 45 - 0.94%
html - 40 - 0.84%
name - 40 - 0.84%
class - 40 - 0.84%
74data - 36 - 0.76%
his - 33 - 0.69%
her - 33 - 0.69%
74b - 32 - 0.67%
include - 30 - 0.63%
out - 30 - 0.63%
late - 27 - 0.57%
post - 27 - 0.57%
kettle - 27 - 0.57%

URLs found in the page: URL - Times Found
Found 208 urls from where 144 unique.
...And they are all listed.

This is an easy way to see what the spiders are seeing and not seeing (more importantly). Something to sleep on.

Luckily, SubmitExpress also has a handy meta-tag generator which I used to do some tweaking. I now have meta tag description to page content of 93%; 25 keywords with relevancy to content of 96%. I still don't have a robots meta tag but did add an author tag, which seems to just list my email address. To achieve high relevancy I had no choice but to include some of the top keywords in the list that submitexpress generated.

To reduce the number of urls and page size, I changed the archiving frequency to Weekly and removed the Labels element, bringing my urls under 100, and page size to 55222 bytes.


heidi said...

thanks for the tip. I just submitted my site too. heidi

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