Electric Kettle

Well it seems that Blogger is not able to import posts from other services. May have to do a bit of research on that just to be sure, but seems I'm starting from scratch yet again - thankfully this is no big loss to the Blogosphere.

I do like how easy it is to add widgets. I can see myself going a bit crazy on the widget thing. The first one I've added is from blogcatalog but more to come in the immediate future.

By the way, I'm not sure why I'm writing all these details about setting up this blog, other than out of sheer joy because it entertains me. Obviously I'm easily entertained.

Interesting to see how AdSense has picked up on the kettle thing, as the ads in the sidebar are for electric kettles, kettle corn equipment, and "need more blog traffic?" - funny - yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Maybe I should also dedicate the entire theme of this blog to tea kettles, electric kettles, and kettle corn equipment, which could also be entertaining as well as lucrative. A thought to ponder.

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