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Blogcatalog is fun and is allowing me to discover some interesting blogs I'd otherwise never come across. I'm going a bit crazy adding friends, but I do check out their blog(s) first to see if it's something I will enjoy following. Most people will reciprocate by visiting mine as well, which is a nice win-win proposition.

I'm considering adding coComment, which is a social tool to track and follow comments with others who are registered. There's also a neat widget to add which shows comments I've made on other people's blogs.

Speaking of comments, one thing that slightly ticks me off is when I write a comment to a WordPress blog, and it gets rejected because comments are only open to WordPress members. Sigh.

A really cool social site for those into genealogy - geni.com - makes it easy to build your family tree, add family members, build profiles, even birthday reminders. I like how intuitive it was to use, and how each member gets invited to add on to the tree.

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