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I'd say having a PR of -1 is worse than terrible! This blog is running in the negative numbers, meaning that instead of adding to the web's collective wisdom, it's actually taking away. [I just realized -1 actually means 1. Still slightly confused.]

Website: http://e-kettle.blogspot.com/
Page Rank: -1 / 10
Alexa Ranking: 0
Indexed Pages: 0
Back Links: 0
(from http://www.whatsmypagerank.com/)

Thanks to web guru 100cute, all this may change. On her blogcatalog group, Web Guru Exchange Market, she introduces us to a powerful tool:

I am going to introduce a Genie for Social Bookmarking and a gold mine for PR3 to PR9 one way links to your web site, It can bring massive traffic and high link popularity to your web site.

Yes it is - www.Tagenie.com
Tagenie, here I come. Bring on the -9.

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