How to piss off 100 friends

This is the deal breaker with the insurance sales job I've been pursuing. As part of the pre-employment evaluation process, AIG American General requires me to complete something they call "Project 100."

Project 100 requires me to provide the details of 100 relatives, friends and acquaintances, including their yearly income, occupation...ability to provide referrals... Then I would need to call them to arrange a visit for them to view a 12 minute video pitching a life insurance product. I'm supposed to approach them as if I'm asking for help to "practice" with my training manager. This supposedly helps AIG determine whether I'm cut out for the business.

It's a though decision, and I'm struggling about whether pitching to friends crosses the line. I don't like involving friends in this kind of thing. It's usually not a good idea to mix business and personal.

I really don't mind helping a friend in any way possible, that's what friends are for. But if a friend of mine blatantly used her personal network to advance his career, I would probably feel insulted and think this he-she is a bit of a moron to even dare ask. I may even be pissed if I found out it had shared my information without my consent.

There are people out there, the multi-level types, who shamelessly use this sort of strategy. I didn't expect it coming from a reputable one like American General. Do all insurance sales companies expect the same? Am I just overreacting?


lizh said...

I'm not sure if you're overreacting or not. If I understand you correctly, soliciting friend or family information for a company that has not yet employed you sounds a little 'sketchy' to me. Do you have to supply the names and info to this potential employer or just summarize how the 'pitch' went? Keep us updated and Good Luck in what ever you do.

MadMerv said...

That's exactly right, they want me to fill out a booklet with all the details - names, numbers, address, income, occupation, level of friendship - for 100 people in my circle.

The pitch is in the form of a script. I actually have 25 blank telephone surveys to fill out. How charming is that?

lizh said...

hmmm...tough one. That sounds like the company wants potential clients.Period.(yikes!)


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