Positively Forward with Kettle Sales

That last post was a bit negative, so I've decided to be positive from now on. Only good stuff to make people happy, as there's nothing like seeing people smile all day, in spite of the miserable and alarming conditions of our modern society.

But I'm supposed to be positive. So anyway, I just finished changing my blog to 3 columns using one from this wonderful blogger template site, which allows me to place a few sweet ads on either side (I'm sure you won't mind).

I've added the aStore widget from Amazon as well. As you've noticed I'm trying to cash in on the electric kettle theme (no shame). So far I've been very unsuccessful at generating any revenue whatsoever from the web (although I did fairly well on Second Life, more on that some other time). I've changed my meta tags to reflect kettles of all sorts, but it's also important to have matching content, which mean I may have to come up with a few keyword-rich posts in the near future (sorry).

Then I decided to mess around with the header and came up with this cheesy thing, combining the picture from my old blog, the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and the president of nothing at all, yours truly. So there it is, I hope you don't dislike it too much.

Let's see.. what else? I'm trying to get my domain name www.ekettle.com to forward here, but godaddy doesn't seem to be updating it all that fast. I'll give it a day and then contact their customer service people.

While I was at it, I also decided to start a blog about things I dislike but with a humorous spin. 99-reasons. This whole list thing is a bit strange but I suppose if everyone else is doing it, then why not me?

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