Fishing for jargon with JargonFish

Got an email from blogcatalog introducing JargonFish. I thought it looked interesting so decided to test it.

On of my keywords is "interview." Technically the JargonFish widget should place a line under this word and when highlighted a pop-up should present related content. This is just a test. Nothing ever works for me the first time.

Funnily enough I do have an actual interview tomorrow, which I'm very excited about because it's in the accounting field. I'm going in there prepared to shine. Hopefully I'll know before I leave (or very soon after) if I got the job. Whether or not I do get this one, I'm confident that I will find what I'm looking for soon.

Anyway, this is the email I received -

Dear MadMerv,

BlogCatalog is always on the look out for new features that can get your blog more traffic as well as enhance the value of your blog to visitors, so that they keep on coming back.

We found a tool that we think you'll really like. BlogCatalog has partnered with JargonFish, a company that offers a free, customizable widget that when added to your blog will increase your blog's traffic and provide your readers with a convenient way to find blogs from other BlogCatalog members.

So how does JargonFish work?

Once on your blog, the JargonFish widget highlights keywords that you select. When a visitor click on those highlighted keywords, a small JargonFish window is launched providing the visitor with a variety of helpful resources related to that keyword including related blog posts from BlogCatalog members, as well as some other leading content providers, including Digg and Technorati.

What does this mean?

This means that you will be receiving traffic from other members who add the JargonFish tool as well as providing your blog readers with more reasons to visit your site.

To see the JargonFish widget in action and add it to your blog visit http://www.blogcatalog.com/jargonfish/

If you like what you see, visit http://www.jargonfish.com/builder/signup.htm?sourceId=5 where you can further customize the JargonFish tool.

The BlogCatalog Team


Justus said...

Hello, I saw your post on the BC sign-up email when I clicked the Jargonfish decorated word. I thank you for the post - and am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties. I shot you an email with my contact information please let me know what the problem is and I'll assist you in resolving it. Thank you for giving us a try.

MadMerv said...

Thanks for the assistance. It's working great now and I'm looking forward to experiencing what this service has to offer. Thanks again!


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