Turnkey Blogging with Google Weblogs

Google Weblogs looks like a giant leap forward in blogging. From the Blogger Dashboard:

Google Weblogs, or “GWeblogs,” or “Gblogs,” which will launch later this year in a public beta, is the next revolution in personal publishing. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Don’t limit yourself to “reverse chronological” publishing. Our advanced Google algorithms put your best content at the top of your blog. Even if your later work goes downhill your previous posts will still shine.
  • No more template languages to mess with or sidebars to get right. Our advanced Google algorithms automatically populate your blog’s sidebar with the most relevant possible content.
  • Stop worrying about your PageRank or your search engine optimization. Post directly into Google search results for maximum visibility.
  • Save your readers time and effort. We’ll automatically extract the most relevant sentence from your post for the index page, along with any necessary ellipsis. We'll also put some words in bold!
  • Your blog’s header will stay fresh with new images from our team of artists, each and every anniversary of a scientific achievement.
  • Unsure of what to post about? Just click “I’m Feeling Lucky” and we’ll “take care” of the rest!
Excited? So are we! Take a look at this sneak peek of Blogger Buzz, powered by Google Weblogs.

We’ve put together a quick video tour to take you through the highlights of Google Weblogs. Check it out! [This links to a youtube performance of Never Gonna Give You Up Karaoke By Tay Zonday -- PAINFUL Hahaha!]

I'm happy I switched back to Blogger because there's just no telling what they will come up with next! I'm always up for a chance (as my loyal reader has noticed over the months), and this looks to be a very promising one. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" option promises to help with writer's block by bringing up new ideas, and it will even write my post for me. How cool is that?

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